Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things you can Put in the Mini Valentine boxes!

So today's post is about the things you can put in these boxes (click). Okay so there are endless possibilities of what
you can put in boxes like these. Some o the things I have today are well candy! Just about any small candy can be given in here such as Hershey kisses or mini peppermint, Andes chocolates, Min dove chocolate hearts, so many possibilities! Another thing you can put are mini hand sanitizers (pictured), which you can get at bath and body works & they come in endless scents and you will definitely the right one! Another great item for these boxes is chap stick or lip gloss, they fit just perfectly and they are a great little something to give! The chap sticks I have pictured are the aquafina chap sticks (my favorite!) which come in a pack of 4. The lips that are shown are the Victoria's secret beauty rush lip glosses & the CO Bigelow lip glosses which are the perfect little item to include. Lastly another item that is great for these type of boxes is nail polish, yes nail polish, you can go with big nail polishes, mini nail polish, opi, china glaze, Essie, etc but it's a fun thing to add in a box like these! (the nail polish shown is oy oy oyster in the Nicole by OPI collection) well I hope this was helpful and hope you guys will use these tips (: Thanks!
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