Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Waterfall Card!

Waterfall cards!I always get excited for waterfall cards! I might say this for a lot of thingsI make but this card is hands down definitely in the top ten. I absolutely lovethe color combination! The red and orange complement each other so well! Thecolors remind me of the transition to fall, where the leaves are starting tochange color; you start to hear the crunch of the leaves under your feet and bestof all it starts getting colder! This is the perfect time for this card sincethe first day of fall is less than a week away! The other best part of this card is that it waterfalls, you know! This!I absolutely love this card and the colors of this card so I hope you guysenjoyed this card as much as I did!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

This post has been long over due but it is finally here.  This is another card inspired by Dawn Mcvey! I don't know how someone cannot be inspired by her work! This card can be used for almost any occasion from a wedding to a birthday to a graduation! I love how bright and fun these colors are! However you can change the colors to anything in the card and it would still look great! I hope you guys liked this card. Until next time!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gift card holder galore!

 It's summer!! That's right, I took my one and only final yesterday! It was the dreaded Spanish final but now that that is out of way I have my whole summer to look forward to before college! Anyway back to today's post. So it's that time of the year again; graduations, birthday party's, pretty much the second gift giving season. I've been making these gift cards holders one after another. I feel like I make one, give it to the person and then come back having to make one for someone else for a different occasion! I'm not complaining though because I love making them and experimenting with different colors and patterns so no complaints! That's also why I have eight shown hear and
that's only half of the ones I've made! I love how easy these are to create and they are great for just about any occasion! So I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and until next time adios! <-unleashing the last bit of Spanish left in me!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hershey bar candy wrappers!

    How cute are these!? I was on a Hershey bar wrapper making frenzy <- that was a mouthful! Seriously though how cute are these!? I have posted Hershey bat wrappers before but I love how different every single one is and ah I just love the colors & designs and everything about them! I hope you guys were as excited about these as I am!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So happy for you!

It feel like i haven't posted in forever! It has actually been a whole month, my last post was January 23rd and today is February 23rd.  Well i actually made this card a few days ago and one again i was inspired by Dawn McVey.  My card is actually a lot different, I love love the colors of this card as well as the quotes paper.  However my favorite part of this card has to be the ribbons, i love the look of ribbons missed together and how they contrast each other.  I kept the colors of the card very simple and straightforward; pink and white. I put together different shades of pink mixed with white, and i am really happy with the way it turned out! I really hope you guys enjoyed this card!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Thanks with love!

My first blog post of 2012! Only 23 days into the New Year... I had so much fun making this card, not only because I had to come up with clever ways to make it look like the card I was inspired by, but also because it is such a fun and bright card! With this gloomy weather we are having up in the Midwest states this card just brightens up my day! My inspiration was by a card created by Dawn Mcvey, my card is very similar to hers which is what I was going for but the paper is different and also I did not have the die that she used so I just did all the pieces by hand to my card…let me tell you the leaf thing on the top was not easy whatsoever. I am really happy with how the card turned out though and I am in love with the color combination! Looks like I will be experimenting with some bright color combinations soon, which I cannot wait for.  This picture of my card here has been instagramed! Yes, I have been addicted for a while now but I never knew if I wanted to post pictures instagramed on my blog especially of cards but I just love this card looks with a little bit of color! I hope this card brightened up your day even if you don’t live in a Midwest state! (:
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