Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Way Back Wednesday!

Way-back Wednesday.  Since I am about 215 miles away from home (to get an education) I am not able to make new cards while I am away.  Which to say the least, sucks. However I am able to look back at the cards I have made and think about how much I enjoyed making that card or what my inspiration was that led me to making that card.  This card is a card I really just looking at because one it is so pretty! Two, it is a waterfall card and three because I remember exactly what my inspiration for this card was. This card was made last summer in July and we had just gotten back from downtown Chicago.  We were by the lake and all I could see was the lake and its gorgeous hues of blues and the skyline which faded into a grayish line of building.  That site, I thought was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.  If i could have I would have stayed there all day.  I knew I wanted to make a card that reminded me of it.  I did not what the sentiment was going to be I just knew it was going to blue (the lake) and gray (the skyline).  I basically starting with no idea of what kind of card I wanted to make and I ended with this card.  So this card makes me happy because it reminds me of the Chicago skyline! I hope you guys enjoyed this card & until the next way back Wednesday! 
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Sunday, March 31, 2013


I love making Easter cards because not only are they the the cutest cards ever they are also very simple to make! My favorite part is putting the actually bunny together; you can how the bunnies came together and I got to say that is the best part.  However it is even better when you get put the whole card together and you see how it comes together.  The dots in both cards are created with...wait for it...the eraser on a pencil! Yes, it was my first time using a pencil to make polka dots (how!?!?) I loved making these two cards in particular because they are so similar yet they look so different.  I just wanted to quickly share this post to bring joy to you on this Easter Sunday.  I hope you guys enjoyed this card!
Happy Easter!
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Cross Card!

Every year I make my friend Kelly a birthday card. However I don’t just make any card though, she will give me a idea of what kind of card she wants and I make the card off of that.  Last year she wanted a Chicago Blackhawks cards which not going to lie I’d say is to this day one of my favorite cards! I posted that card a couple days ago so you can check that card out here! This year I asked her what kind of card she wanted and she gave meone word; crosses.  First thing I thoughtwas crosses, really? How was I supposed to make a card of crosses!? I knew I wanted glitter (obviously) and I knew I needed crosses and it had to be a birthday card so I thought about what kind of card I wanted to make.  This is what I came up with! I would say I am quite pleased with this card, I love how this card turned out with the crosses!
 I hope you guys enjoyed this card!
Happy Birthday Kelly!
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks Card!

One of my really good friend’s birthday is coming up this next week so before I share the card I made for her this year, I wanted to share the card I made her last year.  She is a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan so I made her a Blackhawks card and I was very satisfied with the result of the card.  This has got to be one of my favorite cards because its not super original and "like every other card" and my favorite part of the card would have to be the hockey sticks and the Blackhawk logo and the black glitter and the red paper and the well lets just say I really like this card!  Well I just wanted to share this card with you guys! Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Also keep a look out for the birthday card I made her this year which will be posted on friday! 
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day!

Valentines Day may not be an official holiday but it would have to be one of my favorite days of the year! There are the happy couples holding hands and laughing and doing al this gosh darn adorable stuff, and then there are the people that spend there nights watching the notebook and shoving their faces with Ben & Jerry’s (which is totally acceptable!)  I personally have a soft spot for Valentines Day because its one of those days where so many people are so happy and in love and not to mention everything is red and pink and glittery! Valentines Day is my favorite day to make cards for because hearts plus glitter is bound to end in an amazing creation! So the card I made this year are waterfall cards! Shocker. You guys know how much I love my waterfall cards, so I made two variations of these cards and I absolutely adore both of them! I hope you guys have a great valentines day no mater what you end up doing! Hope these cards brought a little love to you on this happy day!
Happy Valentines Day! 
Sending My Love <3
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where have i been!?

And I'm back! Yes, it has been about 4 months since i have posted anything on this blog! As a first semester college student, lets just say college is not only super time consuming but also very difficult and requires a lot of time and effort, obviously! I am going to try and post a lot more consistently on here, now that i know how i am going to balance my time between school, social life and of course blogging.  So I hope all of you guys had a great Christmas and New Years.  With that said, here are some of the new cards and tags that i made during the holiday season! I will be posting many new cards, tags, decorations, etc on here very soon! I hope you guys enjoy these and until next time! (which will be very soon) 
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