Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sparkles? Birthday Card? Yes!

As you can see I have revamped my whole blog and I love how it has turned out! I hope you guys really like it and check it out! feel free to leave me any comments or or suggestions or anything! The only thing I am still working on is the title and trying to figure that out! I will also be playing around with some new backgrounds but for now I absolutely love this one and since spring is right around the corner I thought this one was perfect! Also I think from now on I will be posting the card as well as some of the more exciting items I have used on the card not in all my posts but definitely in some of them.  So I wanted to create a really like just out there and fun and sparkly birthday card and so this is what I came up with. As you can see there is just so much going on in this card you have the ribbon, the diamonds, the flowers, the brads, the pearls,  the tag (which does pull out) and of course the gorgeous silver polka dotted glitter paper! Also it is a waterfall card which just make it 100 times better! My favorite part of this card is the sparkly brads that are at the 2 ends of the card. For a totally exciting and fun card I absolutely love it and I hope you guys loved this just as much as I do!      
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