Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gift card holder galore!

 It's summer!! That's right, I took my one and only final yesterday! It was the dreaded Spanish final but now that that is out of way I have my whole summer to look forward to before college! Anyway back to today's post. So it's that time of the year again; graduations, birthday party's, pretty much the second gift giving season. I've been making these gift cards holders one after another. I feel like I make one, give it to the person and then come back having to make one for someone else for a different occasion! I'm not complaining though because I love making them and experimenting with different colors and patterns so no complaints! That's also why I have eight shown hear and
that's only half of the ones I've made! I love how easy these are to create and they are great for just about any occasion! So I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and until next time adios! <-unleashing the last bit of Spanish left in me!
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