Sunday, July 31, 2011

Organize.Decorate #2

This is my second post in the organize.decorate series! the first one can be seen right here (click)! This is one i created because i needed a little container to keep all my silk flowers in and since i don't have tons and tons and just a few i wanted something small that would also look cute just sitting on my desk! I was actually cleaning out one of our kitchen cabinets when i found a gerber baby food jar and i thought hm...this might just be the perfect thing so i washed it out, took the sticker off, and then thought about what i wanted to do with it. what i came up with was just to stamp flowers which is exactly what i did and for the "o" i put a flower brad...since it was for a flower container. cheesy. For the lid which was just as simple i glittered the outside rim and them took a rick rack ribbon and wrapped it around on top of the glitter and them for the top i stamped a flower and used a purple flower brad for the middle and then stickle dotted the scallops! I absolutely love how small and cute it and how it looks on my desk! Hope this was helpful for you guys & hope you liked it! 

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