Saturday, July 2, 2011

Organize.Decorate #1

This is not a typical post, yes i know; it is not a card or a tag or a basket or something of that sort. Well it is kind of a tag... I'm just sharing this with you guys because i just wanted to show you guys that you can make ANYTHING look good with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So what i have here today is actually a empty Ferraro Rocher (chocolate) container and it was a cute container but the only problem was there was a huge sign in the middle of it that said Ferraro Rocher in huge letters (it wasn't a sticker). So i thought of some way to cover that up and what i came up was so simple i was like did i really JUST think of this?! All i did was just get a basic paper stamped an image, stamped my word (markers- that's whats in the box) and adhered it one and done! i was actually quite pleases with how much prettier it makes that simple container look! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I will have a lot more of these simple organize/decorate posts that will be going up here and there!  
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