Monday, December 19, 2011

Ornament Decorations!

This is a different post today!  I think this  is something different than what i normally do so it will be fun to write and for you guys!   I have been so into decorating, and photography and all the little details! So I have been looking for ornament decorations because i think they make just about any place look so pretty! You can do this with any types of ornaments, from big to small, or glittery to plain or round or shaped.  Whatever you use it is going to look gorgeous! all you need are a few ornaments, either a vase or a jar or some type of large glass container and you just want to place the ornaments in them in whatever way you like and wah-la! There you have a great table center piece for your Christmas fest or just decorations for around your house! Also if you want them to be a little more decorative you can add ribbon, or strands of beads, or even tinsel to make your centerpiece look more festive! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 
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