Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Favorites!

So it is December 4th and I am now doing my first favorite which happens to be my number favorites! So as stated in my last post each favorites post will feature a variety of things.  So I am just going to get started!
So recently I have been obsessed with! Absolutely love their website, the recipes are amazing and every piece of food is absolutely adorable.  I especially love the cake pops!  Here are some of my favorites from Bakerella.
Aren't these just the cutest cookies ever!? they are snowmen gingerbread heads. Here is the recipe! If you try them out i would love to see them so send me a pictures via twitter or email!
                                                           How bout those cake pops? Are those not 
the cutest little Christmas trees ever!?
                                                           And not to can eat them! Recipe 

My next favorite of the month is a wedding cake! Funny because i am no where near getting married but i saw this cake and i think it is one of the most simple but bedazzled cakes ever! i love the diamonds, absolute love how they give the cake that extra pop! So pretty!  This gorgeous is cake is by Melody Brandon aka mysweetandsaucy on twitter! Follow her!
Another Wedding item, these are by Mel on her blog.  These were done almost a year and a half ago but i just came across them and i love them! It is such a clever idea and they look amazing..and delicious!

My favorite card of the month of November would be this one made by Kristina Werner! I love it so much, it is so pretty (like all her cards are) but this one really caught my eye.  Definitely check out her website/blog! It is filled with gorgeous cards and video tutorials, absolutely love her and all her creations!
My next favorite happens to be another food item...i guess the holidays really do make you want to bake, bake, and then bake some for.  I have yet to try these out but i saw these and i fell in love! Being a complete Starbucks lover these honestly basically made my week! They are are the most amazing creations ever! Here is the recipe by: Kim from KimzKitchen  (originally taken from Pixie Crust) Honestly look at them!

And that is all for the month of November! I hope you guys enjoy this post!
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