Monday, January 23, 2012

Thanks with love!

My first blog post of 2012! Only 23 days into the New Year... I had so much fun making this card, not only because I had to come up with clever ways to make it look like the card I was inspired by, but also because it is such a fun and bright card! With this gloomy weather we are having up in the Midwest states this card just brightens up my day! My inspiration was by a card created by Dawn Mcvey, my card is very similar to hers which is what I was going for but the paper is different and also I did not have the die that she used so I just did all the pieces by hand to my card…let me tell you the leaf thing on the top was not easy whatsoever. I am really happy with how the card turned out though and I am in love with the color combination! Looks like I will be experimenting with some bright color combinations soon, which I cannot wait for.  This picture of my card here has been instagramed! Yes, I have been addicted for a while now but I never knew if I wanted to post pictures instagramed on my blog especially of cards but I just love this card looks with a little bit of color! I hope this card brightened up your day even if you don’t live in a Midwest state! (:
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