Friday, February 22, 2013

Cross Card!

Every year I make my friend Kelly a birthday card. However I don’t just make any card though, she will give me a idea of what kind of card she wants and I make the card off of that.  Last year she wanted a Chicago Blackhawks cards which not going to lie I’d say is to this day one of my favorite cards! I posted that card a couple days ago so you can check that card out here! This year I asked her what kind of card she wanted and she gave meone word; crosses.  First thing I thoughtwas crosses, really? How was I supposed to make a card of crosses!? I knew I wanted glitter (obviously) and I knew I needed crosses and it had to be a birthday card so I thought about what kind of card I wanted to make.  This is what I came up with! I would say I am quite pleased with this card, I love how this card turned out with the crosses!
 I hope you guys enjoyed this card!
Happy Birthday Kelly!
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