Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers day card!

I hope you guys had a great fathers day weekend! I just wanted to quickly share my fathers day card for my dad that i created. I was completely lost at what type of card to make and finally (after a very long time) i came up with this idea.  I normally don't like when there is so much going on in a card but in this card i feel as though it all works, there are so many different aspects of this card but they are all so spread out.  The first D & A are from the same letter collection but the A is glittered which is why you can see all the color glimmering in the lights & the last D is from a different collection. Overall i ended up really liking this card and my dad also loved it! Just wanted to share this with you! hope you guys enjoyed this card & had a lovely fathers day! 

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